On meaningful writing

Everyone who knows the online space has advised me that I need to keep posting relevant, intelligent, weekly insights or I become obsolete.

Easiest thing in the world to share my experiences or repost interesting tidbits from my go-to sources of information, such as the Greater Good Institute, or BookRiot or the Evil HR Lady. I could also talk about my experiences, some of which will resonate with you and some of which won’t. I could also hang my sense of self-worth on how many people liked or commented on articles I posted.

Here are reasons I won’t do any of that:

  • I shifted the direction of life has been to look for authenticity and simplicity.
  • Blogs where I feed something of relevance with the single-minded hope of finding followers who would one day give me business – that is self-serving.
  • If my choices are, should I write and post something that 2 or 200 people will like, or have an open conversation with one person that helps them, I’ll pick the latter.
  • I’d rather spend the time working with someone on making something fun come to life. Or help a colleague or friend get through a situation.

I’ll put up posts here if there is something that strikes me as noteworthy. If not, this space stays quiet. Much like me.

And that is okay.

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