Food for thought: Oct 2018

Thanks to upbringing, I’ve had a lifelong relationship with good food. My Mum was and continues to be, a talented cook who straddles the good food-healthy food divide.

In recent times, I’ve taken to experimenting with sub 30 minute meals. I see if that can include post cooking clean up of vessels and a quick kitchen counter scrub.

Here are some results of recent experiments. This has been the foodscape of October 2018.

Drumstick soup

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Bounty from garden of the charming house I live in-drumsticks! They’re superfoods (in their firang name moringa, which I’m sure is a variant of the Tamil murungaka.

What to do with them:

Cut drumsticks. Chuck them in boiling water, scrape with spoon

Roast garlic, onion, chilli, pepper.

Run them all in the blender.

Heat. Sprinkle coriander for flavour. Enjoy.

Red sorrel (Gongura) chutney

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Next up: more bounty. Red sorrel leaves. They’re antioxidants, detoxifiers and diuretic.

Wash to clean nicely and dry till there’s no traces of water.

Plucking the leaves off the branches is a job. But once done, dry roast crushed garlic, cumin, dried red chilli and mustard seeds.

Roast the sorrel leaves with a little oil (1/2 tbsp) and when fully wilted, add a few curry leaves. Run in blender.

Chuck everything together. Eat with curd rice or on top of toast.

Garden variety salad

The salad we make the most at the store. Takes 10 mins to make. Chop up cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums and apples. Mint. Throw in anything handy, like sprouts. Vinaigrette of honey, red wine vinegar/ apple cider vinegar, lemon juice/ orange juice, salt and pepper. Maybe some peanuts for crunch. Mix mix mix. Eat eat eat.

Avocado salad

So easy, you’ll cry. Avocados. Perfect as they are. Dry roasted tomatoes and garlic. Throw in with salt and pepper. And Bob’s your uncle.

Hibiscus tea

Immunity boost, they say.

Super easy. Take 2 flowers. Throw in hot water. Wait till the colour transfers to the water. Pour some honey. Drink. (Try not to feel bad for the flower. I fail miserably)

Rajma and black rice

Soul food. Takes 30 mins.

The night before you want to eat this, soak black rice and rajma together in plenty of hot water. I leave mine in the cooker to soak overnight.

Roast onions, garlic and ginger. Blend. Roast tomatoes. Blend.

In the morning, chuck these, salt and Chana masala (I use one from HappyHealthyMe and it’s goooood) into the cooker and cook till the next rice and rajma are tender. Eat when hot. Thank the maker for rajma.

Rajma hummus

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When it’s that yum, you make more things with it. I have Munsiari rajma thanks to my mountain-climbing brother and his extended pahadi family of the soul.

Make tahini by roasting and grinding white sesame with some salt and a little olive oil.

Soak overnight and cook rajma. Roast garlic and cumin. Blend all. Nomnom.

Sweet potato mash

Too simple for words. Get sweet potatoes fresh out of the garden. Boil. Mash. Add salt pepper ginger and garlic powders, some chilli, maybe some almond milk to make it even more mysterious. Ennnnjoy.

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