If there’s something weird… Who you gonna call?

I’m coming into the week with an unscheduled 3 days of doctor mandated rest.

It all started with me travelling with 3 packets of electrolytes to hot hot Goa with work colleagues last week. Despite precautions and constant hydration, by the time I left Goa it was Sun: 1, Monica: 0. Totally like that Glucon C ad

Glucon D.jpg


Things got bad for me on our return leg. I was super dizzy, and went through the motions of travel on battery save mode. The others were kind enough to cart my bag and generally keep a caring eye on me.

Though I was at about 5 hours of constant dizziness till I got out of Bangalore airport, I felt super safe because I was with friends and colleagues who could handle a crisis, should I land them in one.

From the Goa airport, I put in motion a request for a friend to intercept me at the hospital and forego the kebab crawl he was on. I asked another friend to collect my car from home, collect me from the airport and deposit me at the hospital before heading to his granddaughter’s birthday party. Typically, I might’ve asked my brother to help but he was on his way to Hyderabad on work, so he was out, and I didn’t want to call the parental cavalry unless absolutely required. Once I got into the car, I just zoned out and let people take charge. My first trip into the emergency section of a hospital on unsteady legs, first IV drip insertion and a bunch of other firsts happened.

My purpose with this post was to ask you the questions:

Who is on your emergency squad? The people who will drop what they’re doing and come by to help you? Do they know this function they have in your life? Does it make sense to tell them?

My next question is scarier. We can identify physical ailments easily: I felt dizzy and dehydrated and BP was low. They get resolved because they are identified.

What about mental ailments? How do you know when you need external support? The equivalent of that trip to casualty, leaning on someone? Who are the constants in your life – not your significant other – but people outside of that critical relationship,  who care about you enough to notice when you are fidgeting more than normal or are not smiling with your eyes… or have permission to ask questions like “Why are you looking like you met a dementor?” (A question I was asked by a wise friend once)

So, there you are. Think about it and if you feel the need to build a support system of loved ones who will be there for you, and for you whom you’d return the favour…you’re significantly better off than you now are.

Finally, also ask yourself, do you have a therapist? If you don’t, but do have a family general physician, (physical health:1, mental health:0), can you remedy that? Are there any beliefs about who or what circumstances merit a therapist? Are these true? Can you read up and be open to making your mind up about it again?

4 Replies to “If there’s something weird… Who you gonna call?”

  1. Mental health care is as important, if not more than physical health. You make a good point ! We all go through difficult times mentally at some stage or the other and most often do not even identify that as a problem, that needs professional help. We need more awareness and education around mental health and the avenues available for professional help.

  2. Very thought provoking Monica. Its also funny how sometimes our 911 people are the ones we least expect. And vice versa. An enjoyable read. 🙂 And more importantly, thank heavens you’re ok!

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