Mentors, ahoy!

A couple of months back, I stepped into an Uber and saw… a lot of books in the backseat, the passenger seat pouch and the dash. All business books of various sorts.

I wasted no time in asking the Uber person what gives. He’s reading/ has read all of them and wanted to give his passengers the same joy, he said. We got to talking. He’s an engineer he said, and wished to do a masters in automotive engineering in Germany in the long term. He was sure of getting the tuition fee covered but was working to put together travel and living expenses. Ambitious. Lovely. He also shared how driving gave him 3-4 hours during the daytime to study, rest and have a more balanced day than he did in his full time job, while earning more money.

He blithely shared how the other drivers attitude of “things don’t work” isn’t right. And if he looks at how much passengers pay for rides, the amount of money paid to the drivers sounds fair. This was a refreshing change from the approach of others. He said it’s a simple matter of putting in the hours, accepting the targets and finding a way to meet them while keeping customers and the parent organisation happy. The books he was reading all helped, he said. He spoke of entrepreneurship and setbacks and dealing with them with resilience.

I told him I admired his approach, his attitude, the ambition and the willingness to work towards it. I asked him how he got started off on this journey and his answer was heartwarming: “my mentor got me started off. He guided me on how to not have a sense of ‘outside influences cause bad experiences’. And he taught me to read business books to know more. I owe all my learning and growth to him.”

I got so excited for him that I picked a few books and paid them forward to him, as a gesture of gratitude to my many mentors.

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