Being named as I am, after the humanitarian, non-classist, idealist writer, Monica Dickens, trying my hand at wordsmithy was a foregone conclusion. It took me over 20 years to find the courage to go public.

What I like about writing for businesses:

  • They have a clear sense of their needs
  • Depth in research
  • Telling people’s stories  

Not a lot of what I have written is in the public domain, since my work for businesses is to create marketing or internal communication copy. Working under NDAs, much as I’d like to, I cannot showcase work done for, say, Fortune 100 companies.

The work I can share are

Reporting sporting events in the country for Veloscope. Refer posts from July 2018 onwards.

Places ideal to have adventures in, for Active Holiday Company.

Writing about my love for green spaces for The Alternative

A smattering of writing for myself and for Crankmeister for LBB


“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather, and a little music played out of doors by someone I do not know” – Keats