In the business of growth

I consult for organisations as a People function growth coach and facilitator.

This space acts as a gateway towards that effort.

I have had a ringside seat to the birth and growth of India Inc. over the last 20+ years. I have worked through the growth of the “personnel” to the “HR” to the “People and Culture” functions, participated in early conversations on DEI and have the privilege of seeing how far that has come, been an influencing agent in many big and small shifts in the people function landscape.

You want to work with me if you want to build an organisation where your people have psychological safety, massive agency and the ability to grow their own careers at their pace. That leaves you, the entrepreneur, to grow your business. This typically requires a massive shift in how you work. I will meet you where you are, so your comfort is guaranteed. However, as with any good coaching relationship, your people and culture metrics grow at the pace you want. My role is to stay a step behind you and help you navigate this space.