“We are all just walking each other home” best describes the spirit that guides my work.

Since hanging out my shingle, I’ve been on a sometimes kind and sometimes unforgiving learning curve of self and other-awareness. I’ve been accorded much grace in being allowed to grow into someone I continue to respect. That too, on my own terms.

The adventures I seek most are a gentle life, to learn and a chance to pass these on to others, exploring possibilities and spending quiet evenings in the company of a good book.

People function consulting

My strength when working with growing intentionally small sized organisations is to use systems thinking and to build measurable and transparent working structures. Add a dash of “what is suitable for the values driving this organisation’s culture?” To top it off, frequently align the internal compass of the business owners with organisation strategy, as long as they are willing to open up that space.

My energy goes into treating people strategy as important and urgent. Identifying and nurturing people who will make business goals come true is plain stimulus-response linkage. The shift in thinking needed is to not look at people as “human resources” but as, to quote an admired ex-boss, “stem cells” of the business.



Being named as I am, after the humanitarian, non-classist, idealist writer, Monica Dickens, trying my hand at wordsmithy was a foregone conclusion. It took me over 20 years to find the courage to go public.

What I like about writing for businesses:

  • They have a clear sense of their needs
  • Depth in research
  • Telling people’s stories  

Not a lot of what I have written is in the public domain, since my work for businesses is to create marketing or internal communication copy. Working under NDAs, much as I’d like to, I cannot showcase work done for, say, Fortune 100 companies.

The work I can share are

Reporting sporting events in the country for Veloscope. Refer posts from July 2018 onwards.

Places ideal to have adventures in, for Active Holiday Company.

Writing about my love for green spaces for The Alternative

A smattering of writing for myself and for Crankmeister for LBB


“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather, and a little music played out of doors by someone I do not know” – Keats

Monica’s Stoa

“Stoicism” is derived from “stoa”, meaning a porch. My stoa is available for a sit down, a shared cuppa and a chat.

I keep time in my calendar for conversations with friends, future friends, colleagues and neighbours.

At my age and stage in life, I benefit from giving time to listen, help people stabilise their emotions and resolutely trudge forward. The power of communing, the catharsis of talking about conscious thought and action and about transformative life energies – that’s what my stoa is around for. What benefits you benefits me.

Around us, there seems to be incessant talk. “Share” is mostly a button. We often respond to invisible “with us or against us” ultimatums. On my stoa, I try to hold back judgment and listen. I might push you to name your fears. You can put down the baggage briefly, breathe, gather the energy needed to pick that burden up and carry on.

Rumi. Converations

Being the lamp on a table, or the searching beam of a flashlight is more my style than to be the Sun. Maybe, one day I will be a lighthouse.